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Untangled Minds recognizes the challenges students' face as they consider steps toward their futures. Our mission is to empower young minds and educate them about the importance of leadership and entrepreneurial skill opportunities that lie beyond traditional mediums. Driven to help young minds, we provide guidance for students to develop imperative life success and technical skills to successfully compete in a global economic setting.


Internship Opportunities


Employers are looking for more than just technical skill. Without basic life success skills and applications, landing the first job may be tough.

The National Association of College and Employers uncovered in a recent study:

- 95% of employers are looking for college        graduates with experience.

- Organizations converted 58.6% of their interns into full-time hire, which is the highest recorded to date.


Have you had the talk with your students?


It's important for students to not only have a successful career but to be passionate about the career they are pursuing. Today's mindset pushes students to pick a career before fully experiencing that careers expectations, skill sets, and true needs of that industry. We encourage a new way of thinking; one that maximizes student success in the workplace and in life.

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