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The inspiration behind the design…

AMP is a high-level program for local high school students seeking a career in advanced manufacturing. While learning about the trades students in the program also learn and develop imperative life success skills such as leadership, salesmanship, and marketing to prepare them for a career right out of high school.

AMP’s Class of 2019 designed, developed, and produced three unique projects, each one designed to further advance their skills in the advanced manufacturing and woodworking industry and have designed these custom coasters after their projects:


The Eastern Blue Bird Bird House

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The Nautical Clock

The Bohemian Cajon

Designed to support the conservation of the Eastern Blue Bird’s native to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Marcus designed a modern style of the blue bird habitat using all natural materials.

“I remember when we went to tour Adkins Arboretum to learn about the blue birds that the birds do not like