What's All The AMP About?

Imagine being a student that loves going to class…

It’s hard isn’t it? For some of us growing up, high school was nothing more than just a place you go to hang out with friends and learn things you’ll never use once you graduate. But for the students in the Advanced Manufacturing and Production (AMP) Program, going to class is much more than sitting and listening, barely paying attention; it’s about putting your mind, creativity, and craftsmanship to the test while learning practical skills that translate to real jobs after high school.

PRS Guitars - AMP 1.18.18

If you were to walk into our event this past week, you would have seen a group of students passionate about making the most of their skills, and excited to start building their dreams (literally and figuratively) in the coming week. At Untangled Minds, we improve our community by partnering with Caroline County Public Schools and local businesses to give students a chance to discover what drives their passion and build a career that is satisfying and will provide financial stability in an economy where university degrees aren’t always worth what they used to be. By giving students who are gifted in working with their hands an opportunity to pursue and develop their talents, we hope to prepare them to not only contribute to the economy of our community, but more importantly, to empower them to do what they love.

An important aspect of this event was giving the parents, faculty, and participating businesses a chance to interact and get excited about the coming year. And it was a big hit! One parent even said,

“For those who didn’t attend it was a missed opportunity…this program is really going to change our community and children in a great way”

And we agree. Being able to partner with several other businesses based on quality hand-made craftsmanship with an emphasis on creating a strong sense of community is a privilege and wonderful opportunity to pass on our skills to the next generation of artists and craftsmen.

AMP Event 1.18.18.JPG

PRS Guitars

Tanglewood Conservatories

Hinckley Yachts

Winchester Construction

Combined Technology Solutions

REC Inc.

Warrens Wood Works

MD Plastics

Dart Container

Dixon Valve & Coupling


The world is changing, and it’s up to us to make sure students are prepared to take on the new challenges. Another parent described best why we participate in this program,

“WOW – the event was a hit! The attendance was great, and the students are genuinely excited about what opportunities there are when they graduate the program”.

We hope to inspire this feeling in every student we work with this year! When asked about the event, Tanglewood Conservatories Co-founder, Nancy Virts summed up the event perfectly when she stated,

“It really felt like a community tonight. Even though we all produce very different products, we are all working toward the same goal. It was great to see everyone and getting to know the businesses right in our backyard.”

To learn more about the AMP Program and how you can get involved visit  https://www.carolinebusiness.com/workforce/#cctc , talk to your guidance counselor, or join us at our next event so that we can continue to support the community and provide opportunities for growth for all of our students!

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What is AMP?

Imagine... AMPing student potential 10x faster before they graduate high school...


The Advanced Manufacturing and Production (AMP) Program is a high-level program dedicated to INSPIRING and EMPOWERING high school students seeking a future in advanced manufacturing. AMP is designed to bring real-life experience, lifelong partnerships, networking opportunities, and endless fun to students passionate about advanced manufacturing, woodworking, and other trades. Students enrolled in the Caroline Career and Technology Center's 2018 AMP Program will have the opportunity to learn first hand trade secrets from Eastern Shore's Industry Leaders such as Paul Reed Smith Guitars, REC, Tanglewood Conservatories, and Hinckley Yachts. 

But that's not all!

In addition to an in-depth, hands-on learning experience, the Untangled Minds Foundation was brought on to develop and deliver curriculum designed to teach students the skills and mindset required for success in the 21st Century Advanced Manufacturing economy. Learn skills such as thinking like an entrepreneur, thinking critically, solving complex problems, understand your impact on an organization, and how to prioritize and handle your workload. These skills and more are designed to not only prepare students for the working world, but for a successful future in all aspects of life.

Are you the parent of a student passionate about working with their hands? Are you a student seeking a rewarding career in the trades?

“After our field trip to Tanglewood and working with your craftsman, my students have not stopped talking about how they cannot wait to go back to Tanglewood and learn more about the trade!”

– Teacher at the Caroline County & Technology Center

Check out this video by Caroline County Education about the AMP Program and talk to your guidance counselor today to get enrolled! Seats are limited!

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