Denton Coffee Connections

Join a network of leading industry professionals hungry to continuously grow themselves, their business, and their community in a new and exciting way.

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I never would have thought attending a coffee connection would improve my productivity at work but using this connection to bounce ideas off of my peers has been amazing. We all come from different backgrounds I would have never guessed they would have had experiences with what I’m going through.

- Nicole Mihalos, Tanglewood Conservatories


What is a Coffee connection…?

Don't you wish there was an instruction manual on how to be successful? If how to maximize profits for your business AND your wallet was spelled out in black and white?

Unfortunately there's no such magic whitepaper... but there are people in our community who may have some insight or know people who may have answers.

That's the power of a coffee connection. 

In business, we often get caught up in the day to day stressors and forget the big picture. What's your big picture... why do you do what you do?

Growing your network is more than just getting to know your community members, it's sharing new ideas, opening doors to opportunities, learning from the experiences of others, and taking these new ideas and what we've learned and implementing them in our workplace to increase profits not only for your business, but in your own wallet!

We'd be happy to talk with you more about the Coffee Connection!

If you're available - JOIN US Wednesday morning at 7:15 AM at Dunkin Donuts in Denton, MD. See for yourself the power of a coffee connection.

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