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2 Continuing Education Units.

1 Amazing Mastermind Experience.

Untangled Minds in partnership with Tanglewood Conservatories has developed the “Value of Installing Systems” AIA Continuing Education Course.

This course is specifically designed to bring architects and others together to assist one another in evaluating their current processes and ways of working with clients from three key perspectives:



The way in which we communicate our thoughts, ideas, and details must all revolve around the way in which our clients receive information. Whether they make decisions quickly or need all details before making a decision, when we understand the way they communicate, we will better serve them and move them faster.

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One of the biggest challenges we have found is the need to gain more time. As we dive into your current systems in this seminar, we seek to look for ways to enhance your current business processes in ways that allow you to spend more time achieving your goals and balancing your personal and professional life.




Whether communicating to clients the value you bring to a project or getting others to make decisions in a timely manner, this course is designed to tap into your current systems and develop it into a well-oiled machine generating MORE QUALIFIED LEADS and INCREASING REVENUE without working more hours!


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Proceeds donated to the Untangled Minds Foundation; a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to empowering minds through educating them about the importance of leadership and entrepreneurial skill opportunities that lie beyond traditional mediums.